Alpha -  CD Album Released on June 11th - 2011

He's A Different Breed of Kat

Turn Up The Radio

Grand Slammer


The Hour of the Wolf

Sometimes She Cries

Working to Pay The Man

Loved By You

She's Hotter Than Hell

He's A Different Breed Of Kat - Bonus Video

Chicago Rocks, Volume One - 1980 - LP (vinyl)
Rock 'n' Roll Chicago - Side B Track 1

The first commercial release by M&R Rush. This hometown album was produced by Chicago radio station WLUP-FM (The Loop) and featured 10 local acts from the Chicago area. The song "Rock 'n' Roll Chicago" can also be found on the M&R Rush CD titled "Rock 'n' Roll Chicago" released in 2003.

Reach for the Stars - 1980 - EP (vinyl)


You're The Only Woman

Reach For The Stars

Stay With Me

Set the Streets on Fire (Eminar) - 1984 - Cassette


Set The Streets On Fire

She's a Looker

All I Ever Wanted

Without You

Getaway Car

I'm Leavin

I Need You With Me

Eminar - 1986 - 45rpm Single (vinyl)

Good-Bye City Lights
First Time I Saw Her

Rock & Roll Chicago - 2003 - CD Album
Rock& Roll Chicago
You're the Only Woman
Reach for the Stars
Stay With Me
First Time I Saw Her
All I've ever Wanted
I Need You With Me
Without You
You Touched My Heart
If You Want Me

Heavy Metal Christmas - 2003 - CD Single
Heavy Metal Christmas


The Thrill of the Chase - 2004 - CD Album
Wrap Me Up
Million Seller
Thrill Of The Chase
Rock and Roll Chicago
When I'm With You
Wish I Only Knew 

Heavy Metal Christmas 

Good-bye Baby
I'm Dreamin'
Good-bye City Lights
Never Forget You, John

You Don't Wanna Mess With A Hungry Bear - Go Bears Go! - 2006 - CD Single
You Don't Wanna Mess With A Hungry Bear - Go Bears Go!

Keep on Rockin' - 2007 - CD Album
Keep on Rockin'
If You Should Walk Away From Me
On a Saturday Night
Dream Girl
One More Night
Come Back To Me
Wishing Well
Time Waits For No One
Still in Love With You
Give Me Strength

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