March 11,2018

It was sad with the announcement this week of the The Loop Radio Station being sold. We go back with the station - being on their Chicago Rocks Volume One Album and having "Rock N Roll Chicago" being the #45 most requested song in 1980 on the station. We played many shows that were sponsored by The Loop back in the day: Chicago Fest / The International Amphitheater and many many more .....

From our good friend Mitch Michaels book "Doin' The Cruise" this is a promo shot of all the bands from the "Chicago Rocks Volume One" hometown album in 1980. THE LOOP WIIL BE MISSED!!!
Keep On Rockin'
Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff

February 24,2018

We are excited to announce that we will be playing dates in 2018.  The name of our tour is "Between The Lines"


February 18,2018

Recording Update #3 – Since our last studio update we decided to go a little off script – normally we lay down all the basic tracks, record overdubs (Guitars & Keyboards), lay down the lead vocal, background vocals and then mix the tunes. Well not the case this time. We have been working on two tunes toward completion: "Sky" and “Time of Your Life” and even have a rough mix of both.

We were going to give you a little Preview Listen but we decided “NOT”!!!

Below is our official ballot of voting on what tunes made the record (yes we still call it a record). Really scientific – 3 points Yes ----2 points Maybe ---1 point No. Most points is a winner!!! 

So stay tuned and we will be giving you updates right here.

We hope to see you at our first show of 2018 on Friday May 4th At Bourbon Street Chicago IL. in the Back Concert Room - Showtime - 8:00 PM 

Keep on Rockin'

Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff

January 27, 2018

Recording Update #2 - A lot happening at the "Lab" since our last update - We laid down basic tracks (Bass & Drums with a scratch guitar track) to 4 tunes and laid down drums to one tune.
1. Find A Way
2. Time of Your Life
3. Bring Some Love
4. Any Reason
5. Sky - Just Drums

Some nice back ground vocals were added on Any Reason and Time of Your Life. That’s it for now.

So stay tuned and we will be giving you updates right here.

Keep on Rockin'
Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff

Recording Update #1 - We hope everyone is staying warm! The 2 states we all live in (Illinois and Indiana) have been brutally cold. That is why we usually hibernate during these winter months and don't play any shows...

This week we got together in the studio and listened to everyone’s demos of the tunes they wrote over the last few months and decided what tunes we would put on the new album that we plan on releasing in 2018!

After a long listening session we all agreed on what 12 tunes would be recorded. Getting 6 musicians to agree is not an easy task but we got it done!!!

So stay tuned and we will be giving you updates right here,

Stay warm and Keep on Rockin'

Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff


January 1, 2018

We would like to wish all our Friends and Families a Happy New Year!

Mark your calendars for our first show of our Summer of 2018 Dates - Friday May 4th at Bourbon Street in Chicago in the Concert Room - 8:00 PM is show time.

Since our last show we have been busy writing for our new CD that we will release this year. We’ve recorded 4 songs all ready and have a listening session planned for next week to decide what other songs will be included…then recording resumes in a few weeks. Exciting stuff…

Happy New Year and Keep On Rockin!
Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff

December 29, 2017


As we settle into our annual winter hibernation and look back on our 2017 “Double or Nothin” Tour, to say we are thankful that our fans still want to hear our music is an understatement. Never in our wildest dreams, when we booked our first re-union show in 2003, did we think we would be planning a tour for 2018.  In fact last year’s tour was named to commemorate our second 15 year run, 2003 to 2017….our first was 1973 to 1987.  And yes, we are all the original members you saw at your high school, Chicagofest, etc...  How many bands can say that?   We had some great shows last year and the crowds were fantastic!  So here we are planning next summer’s tour and looking forward to Rockin all summer long with you!

The past 15 summers have been an unbelievable experience for all of us in the band – all 180 plus shows.  We’ve had the opportunity to be on the same bill with some of the bands we grew up listening to  …. Survivor, Kansas, REO Speedwagon, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, Head East, Uriah Heep, Pat Travers, Starship featuring Mickey Thomas, Jim Peterik, The Temptations, The Buckinghams and Cryan Shames.  And during our show with Head East they called us up on stage to help them with their encore performance of “Never Been Any Reason”.

We would like to thank all our friends who travel near & far to come see the shows. Thanks to everyone for bringing their friends, families and children, creating a new generation of M&R Rush fans. We're having a great time and as long as you keep coming, we'll keep playing!!


In fact feel free to send an email to us at with your suggestions of which M&R Rush songs you would like to hear us play live and also help us name our 2018 tour.

What’s New? 

Since our last show we have been busy writing for our new CD that we will release this year.   We’ve recorded 4 songs all ready and have a listening session planned for next week to decide what other songs will be included…then recording resumes in a few weeks.  Exciting stuff…

 See You In 2018

Until next summer please keep checking our website for the latest news and announcements. Also don’t forget to visit the M&R Rush store to pick up the latest M&R Rush music and merchandise. Please keep those e-mails coming in at We love reading them and we have kept our promise by answering each and every one.

Well, that’s it for now. We can’t thank you enough for your support.

Happy New Year & Keep On Rockin’!

M&R Rush

Marty, Roger, Carl, John, Paul, Jeff

Concert Review by: Bud Monaco

 On a uncommonly warm, wind-swept and rain-laced Chicago night,  

M & R Rush, continuing to prove their mettle as Chicago’s longest and most enduring premier rock and roll outfit, performed another bombastic, sold out show at the Beverly Arts Center, that thrilled their dedicated and loyal fans from the opening song through the final sustaining notes of their one hundred and fifty minute concert performance.

As the stage became shrouded with billowing wisps of white fog, and the stage lights exploded in a blaze of multi-colored reds, blues, yellow, and greens,  M & R Rush kicked off their performance with a roaring presentation of Emerson, Lake, & Palmer’s hit song, ‘Karn Evil 9,’ immediately followed by their own original song, ‘You’re The Only Woman,’ and then busted into their rambunctious version of ‘Train Kept A’ Rolling,’ much to the delight of their loyal fans.

Bassist Roger Hirtz then took center stage, leading the band with his vocals through another M & R Rush classic from their ‘Reach For The Stars EP,’ ‘Stay With Me,’ and followed with the band’s arrangement of Head East’s popular hit, ‘Never Been Any Reason.’

The boy’s then banged out Aerosmith’s ‘Sweet Emotion,’ as guitarists John McFarland, Jeff Luif, and Paul Martin ripped and shredded while bassist Roger Hirtz and drummer Marty Mardirosian pounded out the big back beat and keyboardist Carl Moszur’s sweeping choruses cascaded relentlessly to complete M & R Rush’s thundering sound and power that took the full house crowd to a wild place of rock and roll nirvana.

The band then performed another one of their original songs, ‘First Time,’ and following with their dedication medley to the band that was a major part of their music influence and inspiration, Styx, they rocked the crowd with ‘Grand Illusion,’ ‘Too Much Time On My Hands,’ and ‘Lorelei,’ and the crowd loved every minute of it.

Taking it down a notch, guitarist John McFarland softened the pace with his heart wrenching vocal performance of his original song, ‘Sometimes She Cries,’ causing the women in the audience to sigh and moan with delight and desire.

Back into full shred mode, M & R Rush roared through Grand Funk Railroad’sCloser To Home/I’m Your Captain,’ and Queen’sKeep Yourself Alive.

With the opening notes of Uriah Heep’sStealin’ cascading over the audience, a moment anxiously awaited to be heard by the hundreds of beautiful women in the attendance, the boys in the band invited the women to join them on stage to sing and dance their asses off while the band played on. This segment of the show is an M & R Rush trademark event that is always relished and enjoyed by their adoring women fans.

With the recent passing of Tom Petty, M & R Rush, to honor and pay tribute to one of the iconic performers of American music, inserted into their set, two of Petty’s famous tunes, ‘Break Down,’ and ‘Free Falling,’ as the crowd responded accordingly, and there were more than a few tears shed from the eyes of Petty’s female fans in the audience.

At this point of the concert, the audience, and the band, were honored with the presence of Chicago’s premier, legendary, and iconic Disc Jockey Radio Personality, Mitch Michaels, joining the band on stage.

Earlier in the evening before the show, Mitch was on hand doing book signings of his new newly penned memoire, ‘Doin’ The Cruise: Memories from a Lifetime in Radio and Rock and Roll.’ Mitch spoke with the audience with a trip down memory lane reminiscing about his life’s work, and the present time of Chicago and America’s music, and was very well-received and enjoyed by all.

Continuing to rumble on stage like a runaway freight train, M & R Rush slammed into three more of their original songs, ‘Reach For The Stars,’ ‘#1,’ and their own fan favorite hit song, ‘Rock N’ Roll Chicago,’ and brought the show to its climatic conclusion with their ramped-up version of Led Zeppelin’sWhole Lotta Love.’

Supported with exemplarily precision and precise exactness by their beloved stage crew; Road Manager Doug Rito, Guitar Tech Jim Oleck, Drum Tech Kurt Mardirosian, and Stage Tech Paul Housinger, along with Live Sound Engineer Rob Vukelich and Lighting Director Don Pedigo, M & R Rush’s magnificent concert performance proved to be one for the ages.

November 7, 2017








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