In the Darkness of Night

M&R Rush


In the Darkness of Night, I see your face,

The worlds coming at me, the whole human race,

Why does this happen, it just ain’t right,

I only see you, in the Darkness of Night.


I wake up in a sweat, I can’t sleep,

The devils on my shoulder says I’m in too deep.

My head starts to ache, my teeth clench tight,

There you are again, in the Darkness of Night.


My body starts to shake I think I’m losing control,

The room is spinning faster, I can’t let go,

The pressures building up, I’m about to EXPLODE!!!


I can’t move, I’m tired, I’m weak.

Everything hurts from my head to my feet.

I’m not looking forward to another night,

Cause I’m sure I’ll see you, in the Darkness of Night.

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