May 24, 2018


Recording Update #7 – We had some fun with our good Friend Frank Pappalardo who stopped by to help on the production of a previously unreleased song written by Jim Peterik called “Reckless Love’"

Thank you Frank for all your guidance on laying down this great song;

And of course a big big big THANK YOU TO JIM PETERIK!!! for giving us the song to include on our new Album "Between The Lines"

Next up is more guitars and vocals..

FYI - Save The Date - You all can hear the finished product on Saturday July 7th at our pre-release listening party at a great venue - Grape & Grain in Homewood Illinois.

Keep on Rockin'

Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff

April 207 2018

 "Between The Lines" 2018 Tour Dates:


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