June 18 2018

Al the tracks are done and We are currently mixing  our new CD / Album "Between The Lines" and should be ready to send it off to production in 2 weeks.  Exciting times!!!

Next show is Tuesday July 3 at Highland Festival - Showtime is 9:00 PM

 We are throwing a party. This is going to be a fun time. We want to have a few refreshments with our good friends that come out and give you a little background on the making of our new album "Between The Lines" The doors open at 5:00PM. At 6:00PM we will have some acoustic entertainment and then at 6:30 we will listen to the Album / CD together and have some more refreshments. Oh yeah one more thing - THIS IS A FREE EVENT.
Keep On Rockin'
Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff


April 207 2018

 "Between The Lines" 2018 Tour Dates:


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