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Concert Review by: Bud Monaco


On a beautiful, summer, June evening, three of the most heralded and incredible rock and roll bands of Chicago and the Mid-west, whose iconic music careers have spanned over four decades, took to the stage and rocked and rolled the full house crowd, one thousand strong, teeming with their dedicated fans and friends, at the expansive, ‘CD & ME Music Venue,’ located in Frankfort, IL.

            ‘The Dancing Noodles,’ featuring their original lineup of musicians, kicked off the concert with another of their sterling performances, as they’ve consistently done over the past four decades, and had the crowd rocking and rolling from the first opening music notes they performed. Rolling effortlessly through their exquisite catalog of songs, chock full of classic and modern hits, ‘The Dancing Noodles,’ put on one of their greatest shows that was one for the ages.

            The powerful rhythm section, featuring drummer, Terry Canning, and bassist, Brian Sarna, pounded and thumped on their drums and bass guitar, as their dedicated fans roared in appreciation. Keyboardist and vocalist, Eddie Kammerer, his hands flying across his keyboard with grace and originality, kept the band on an even keel throughout the performance. Guitarists, Roman Sawchuck and Paul Martin, both in full shred mode, provided the guitar power that has been the staple of ‘The Dancing Noodles’ music that has become their trademark and long standing tradition. Saxophonist, Julie Wood, provided an outstanding brass attack that added another diverse dimension to the uniquely personalized sounds and music of ‘The Dancing Noodles.’

            Minutes later, following a quickly accomplished stage change of equipment by the sharp operations of the band’s road crews, the nationally renowned, ‘M & R Rush,’ took to the stage like a house on fire, and continued to light up the already lit up full house crowd with wild abandon over the course of their powerhouse performance.

            During ‘M & R Rush’s’ dazzling performance, they rocked the joint with their greatest, original hit songs, including a spattering of superbly arranged cover songs, that absolutely delighted their dedicated fans and friends. Drummer, Marty Mardirosian, and bassist, Roger Hirtz, laid down the big and powerful backbeat that damn near drove the audience into mad hysteria. Keyboardist, Carl Moszur, hammering out the perfect melodies across his keyboard’s eighty-eights, kept his bandmates together in perfect synchronized tandem for the duration of their performance. The three-guitar attack, with guitarist’s, John McFarland, Jeff Luif, and Paul Martin, ripped and shredded on their guitars with precise tones, riffs, and power chords that thrilled their, forever supportive over four decades, fans and friends. The ‘Boys From Roseland,’ held the audience in the palms of their hands, as they belted out the vocals in five-part harmonies that carried high into the full moon adorned summer night.

            Following, as previously done in precise military fashion, a quickly accomplished stage change of equipment by the sharp operations of the band’s road crews was completed, ‘Five Guy’s Named Moe,’ took to the stage and, with a now totally, beyond musically enthralled audience, they proceeded to tear the house down with their personally stylized music performance.

            Being in the situation of ‘having a tough act to follow,’ ‘Five Guys Named Moe,’ had no problem whatsoever proving to the crowd that they are their own tough act, and blasted out their comprehensive catalog of hit songs that drove the crowd further into a state of nirvana and rock and roll music bliss.

            Band leader, Jose Rivera, singing lyric after lyric with his golden toned lead vocals, intertwined with his percussion and brass horns performance, directed the band through a dynamic performance that carried on late into the star studded, summer evening. Guitarist extraordinaire, and Chicago guitar icon, Frank Capek, hammered perfect tones and chords on his black Stratocaster, as he is national known for, with precision and perfection that is his music career trademark. Keyboardist, Gerry Burns, following the precedent set by keyboard performers preceding him on stage, performed his magic on his keyboards with flawless energy that drove the band to new musical heights of perfection. Drummer and bassist, Rob Muraida and Paul Townsend, lighting rods of a rhythm section duo second to none, pounded out a thunderous backbeat without missing a beat during the band’s raucous performance of rock and roll music to the world.

            The ‘Southside Legends Concert Event’ will surely be long remembered and held dear to the hearts of everyone who was in attendance during this magnificent night of rock and roll music, performed by three of the greatest bands of Chicago and the Mid-west.





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